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We can propose a large range of Argan vegetal oil, conventional, or organic, certified by Ecocert, and, or produced in Fair trade agriculture cooperative. 


Argan is a woman story. 


Argan vegetal oil comes from cold pressure of the arganier fruit seed. 


The arganier tree is thorny tree, which grows up in the South East of Maroc could reach 10 meters high and could be 200 old, it is savaged not cultivated. You can see it between Essaouira and Agadir South West of Maroc.


Its fruits look like to an oval prune, with a beautiful yellow colour. It is picking by fighting branch with a perch in summer. Then the fruit is dry under the sun and stocked. 


Labour women consist in getting off the fruit and keep back the seed. The fruit staying is used for feeding goat. And in the other side women broke the nut to get the small seed. Nut are used like a combustible for fire to make cooking.

The precious seed is cold press, between large stone wheel and gold oil appears. 


The production of argan oil is completely manual, and traditional. This allows to rural people to stay in their village instead to move away to the town. The activity is very old. Women go through a solitaire activity to a cooperative job. Now these official cooperatives belong to women and are managed by these same women. This is a real trade equitable concept. 


Our different trip to Maroc gave the opportunity to link closed relationship with some of cooperatives. These women cooperatives produce high quality level oil, or organic quality oil, going on to use their traditional background. These cooperative are implanted in the middle of hills areas, where arganier trees grew up in a wild atmosphere, giving all purity and quality looked for. 


We have could selected for you the best we found, high authenticity, purity, the guarantee of  origin, and of course, because you love it. We choiced also cooperatives which supply social attractiveness in their village. Therefore our oil helps the 250 children to go to school in better conditions and free of taxes.


Organic or conventional quality.  Make your choice.


Each cooperative have got like a label ‘’AOC’’ as wine producers in France. Akemia selected a large range of quality,  


So, make your choice.