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We bring back it from our trips.  




*  Organic or conventional argan vegetal oil and naturally fait trade. 

          - Our trip in Maroc gave the opportunity to link closed relations ship with production cooperatives managed by social association.

          - These women cooperatives produce, in meeting old tradition, argan oil in organic or conventional quality with high quality and  without odour. These cooperatives are implanted in the savages areas around of hills not far from savage arganier trees.   


*  Magnolia essential oil from flower or leaf. 

          - Origin China, Yunnan Province.

          - Very appreciated for its characteristic fragrance for perfumes industry.   


*  Madagascar orchid. 

          - Black, blue, white, formulated in macerate or for floral water. It is used for its large hydrated capacity and given long life.   


*  Nut vegetable oil. (made in France).

          - Developed by Akemia request to propose you a light and beautiful vegetal oil.


Organic seabuckthor vegetal oil    ( Hippophae Rhamnoides).    Origine : Tibet.

First cold pressure 100 % pure and natural.  

-  The pure oil is a tresory of beauty use in cosmetic for its protected kind ness and skin care. Seabuck thor seeds oil shows the particularity to regroup many active componants very interesting in lot of quantity, as carotenoide ( provitamine A) Vitamine E, fatty acid (omega 3 and 6) and palmitoleic acid (omega7). This unic associassion give to the seabuckthor oil as solar protection capacity, power anti oxydant as a soft and cicatrisant effects, exceptionnal for skin.