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AKEMIA  imports and distributes, both natural products and organic natural products used in the world of cosmetic and dietetic industries.


Akemia has got his licence ECOCERT for organic products.


AKEMIA   is at the core of producer partner network through the world. Our raw materials are selected carefully, and like that our producers partners, in order to guaranty the best quality, reactive service, and traceability of our production and logistic, we can. You could find to Akemia original and exotic products coming from the world.


Ask it and   AKEMIA  find it for you.


Our quality concept.

 Akemia selects his products to satisfy your need, guaranty the origin, their pureness, and their composition. Akemia give you all official document to homologate your formulation, and can complete your specific request by extra analysis.

Our proposal is a large range of Organic certified product, and we work every day to increase our offer.


Akemia Organic products.

 We can offer organic vegetal oil, organic essential oil, organic water floral, organic plant extracts under oil aspect or hydro glycerine.

Of course we can also propose conventional quality.


For your needs.

Akemia produces mainly from you request, especially for short limitation time.

Akemia can propose little packaging   5 L,  25 L ,  200 L ,  1000 L  for most of these products ( contact us).

Akemia can delivery your goods under 72 h and can organise air shipment.

Akemia is able to package in small bottle at your own brand if needed.