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The natural vegetal oils are issue from the seeds or fruit oilseeds. They are extracted by first cold pressing and then filtered.

Their origin are known and can comes from different countries to assure the delivery in each season. 



Our vegetable oils are proposed as Organic Ecocert certified or as conventional. 



Apricot conventional
Sweet almond conventional and organic
Argan organic, fair trade and conventional
Lawyer conventional and organic
Borage organic and conventional
Calophyle bio
Safflower bio
Colza organic and conventional
Organic cotton
Organic pears
Wheat germ and conventional
Conventional and organic jojoba

Organic flaxseed Neem
organic Nut  
Organic Wall nuts
Organic and conventional olive
Conventional and organic evening primrose
Blackcurrant seed
Seedless Raspberry
Kiwi seeds
Grapeseed refined conventional
Perillat bio
Sesame organic and conventional
Organic green tea
Organic and conventional sunflower